Centro de Cirugía Plastica y Especialidades Santo Domingo

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In 1987 a group of specialists Dominicans, decided to open the first clinic specializing in plastic and reconstructive surgery in the Dominican Republic.
In February of 1988 is inaugurated in the city of Santo Domingo, the Center for Plastic Surgery and Specialties of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, "CECIP". This clinic, immediately received a great welcome from the people, and began to integrate other plastic surgeons there although his office had not brought their patients for surgery.Soon it became clear that the premises was small and the rooms were no longer sufficient for the many patients requiring plastic surgery, it was thought then to expand the clinic. Is planned and this extension is realized with the construction of a modern building designed for specific functions of a plastic surgery patients both local and international.

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So in March of 1999, the Center for Plastic Surgery and Specialties of St. Domingo "CECIP" in the Dominican Republic opened in its new location in which offer all the facilities and services to their patients and which also accounts with other specialties and support areas, to offer a comprehensive and complete. This clinic becoming a haven for many patients, both local and foreign, traveling to the Dominican Republic for the services offered here.

Address and Phone Plastic Surgery Center of Santo Domingo and Specialties
Calle Manuel Maria Castillo # 20 Gazcue, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Opposite the main entrance of the Presidential Palace.
Tel 809 686 7290